She is passionate about healthcare accessibility in the community and specifically finds purpose in providing care to women and babies. Ashley’s unique approach to patient care is, “offering compassionate care to every patient, so they feel comfortable sharing health concerns to support the best patient outcomes.”


  • pediatric
  • OB/Gyn


Ashley grew up in Weslaco, Tx, the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. Growing up, Spanish was Ashley’s first language and only later did she become bilingual in English. She attended South Texas Vocational and Technical School for Medical Assisting and graduated from the program in 2009. For the next decade, Ashley devoted herself professionally to caring for the pediatric population in her hometown. Her passion for healthcare was recently reignited when she chose to move into the OB/Gyn specialty, which she describes as one of the best decisions she has made.

Personal Interests

Ashley has five children of her own, ranging from sixteen to eight years old, with her husband of 10 years, EJ. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time outdoors, watching anime, and reading with her children and husband. When not in scrubs, you can find her in crop tops and converse enjoying the sun.